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over you, over you

tonight i walked home down clergy street after midnight, feeling safe. caleigh and i had gone to shauna's house, avoiding skunks on the way, to watch harry potter and eat icecream and giggle. i haven't had a night like that since the last time i was at school.

i slept all day after waking up for tylenol and water in the kitchen early this morning. michelle and her parents whispered and tip-toed, trying not to wake up peter. last night i sat in mark and ali's apartment with caleigh and anjali, drinking disaronno and heineken before going outside on the balcony for a spliff in the rain with ali while mark made faces at us through the kitchen window. we listened to zeppelin on vinyl and it was loud and rich and powerful. (i need to listen to more of them. they are exactly what i love in rock & roll.) canadian fizzed softly on my tongue and i was lost, completely appreciating how good the night was. then i felt ill, and went outside to throw up on the roof, and ali brought me water and rubbed my back and i just laughed. she walked me home at 3 in the morning and we found aj passed out on the couch, and when i poked him and asked if he was alive, he just turned over and said "yucky" without waking.

michelle and i spent hours in the park on friday afternoon, reading on a blanket and flicking away ants and other creepy crawlies. last year i never did my readings for my classes but so far i am diving right in. i finished half of ondaatje's in the skin of a lion for contemporary canadian literature, and today i started pride and prejudice for the romantics. i love the way i feel after hours of reading, really sitting down and focusing on the words and getting lost in them. i don't think i'd done that since three summers ago. it's really easy when the writing is as dreamy as ondaatje's. the effect of 8 months of daily reading is going to be beautiful on me.

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ugh why can't we study ondaatje in my courses
that book is my favourite in the world
i like how you write, do you mind if i add you?
of course not. feel free
and thanks :)
ps i will add you back, your writing is also lovely