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some bricks now baby, said let's build a home

today everything turned around and around again. i was grumpy for no good reason in the afternoon until i took five minutes to think. glad i can sit down and realize that i'm being a moron and just put that shit aside.

i'm in the strangest mood these days. i think it has to do with the dark. i've been waking up later and later, lately, and by the time i step outside it's always night. or it might have to do with the fact that i love my life.

so i said hello to brendan, the boy i'd been admiring. i got his number, i called him, i met his housemates. their coffee table is covered in roaches and empty beer bottles and a ganja-leaf ashtray with a little rasta man sitting on the edge. they have posters of marley and floyd and alice's caterpillar all over their walls.

i brought him home with me on friday for a jamaican hotbox. i made him tea and played nick drake and he was in it. i really can't wait to know him better.

i feel almost drunk. my heart is wide open and i am taking everything in. it's getting cold outside but i keep my room warm. and i have so much freedom. it really hit me the other day.

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